Vraklek Web Comic

Vraklek Web Comic

Coming soon!

Vraklek Web Comic

Vraklek Web Comic. Coming Soon!

Share One Planet

I just recive the Awesome Art book from leewiart´s Share One Planet. My Illustration "swimming through the world" was selected for the book. Thanks Leewitart and Shared One Planet Jury and staff! :ahoy: :beer: Leewiart Art web site: www.leewiart.com Shared One Planet buy the book: www.leewiart.com Publication Date:2013.8 Publisher:leewiART, Posts & Telecommunications Press Dimensions:285mm X 285mm Pages:134 Pages Print and Paper:157G coated paper,four color printing. Language:Chinese / English Book Description: We selected 102 excellent artworks for this artbook. We hope this artbook functions not only as a summary to the Share One Planet Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition,but also as an important step to change people's attitude towards wildlife conservation, to build a better homeland for us and for all the beautiful lives on this planet.

The horned majesty

Advanced version © Umbersun.


Image of the divine deceiver. Sacriligious dominace.

Immortal city

© Kalango Analógico. Website : www.kalangoanalogico.com.br

Devoured Death

Secret Satan Exchange 2013 gift for: www.policegirl01.deviantart.com Hosted by: dA-Morgue www.da-morgue.deviantart.com

The Spiked Wood Wall

© Kalango Analógico. Website : www.kalangoanalogico.com.br

Wall of Bones

© Kalango Analógico. Website : www.kalangoanalogico.com.br


Regular version © Umbersun.


Pathways November Issue for © Rite Publishing.

Knight Warrior

Knight Warrior regular version © Umbersun

Internal Bledding Explosion

Mindfulltriphammer Art collaboration with David Melvin www.davesrightmind.deviantart.com

Internal Bleeding

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mindfultriphammer month topic "Internal Bleeding"

unleash power

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